Thursday, 3 February 2011

Exhibition at The Women's Library

The current exhibition at the Women's Library is:


It runs to 20 April.

FREE Exhibition Tour: Hand Made Tales: Women and Domestic Crafts 
Saturday 29th January 2011 
Thursday 3rd February 2011 
Saturday 26th February 2011

Here is some info from the Library's web page:

Hand Made Tales, curated by Carol Tulloch, is a timely exhibition focusing on the role domestic crafts play in many women’s experiences. It draws on the connections between the current revival of domestic crafts such as sewing, gardening, and cooking and the historical roots of the domestic arts within the home. The exhibition will allow visitors to explore and learn the stories of crafts and the women involved in them through personal tales and fun interactive projects. Come and discover treasures that share the intimate bond between generations from the once mundane to the now treasured heirlooms of families past.

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